Edirisa Canoe Trekking
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Press & Testimonials
From clients' messages, evaluations and the media:

Nominated for the Luxury Travel Awards by an anonymous client, February 2016

"I loved every moment of it!!!"
Learn From Africa participant, January 2016

"Loved the proximity wit the 'real life' of local people, the diversity of activities, excellent guide! Really super, thanks!"
Mama Bena's Bonus participant, December 2015

Typical evaluation paper - marks tend to be between 4 and 5

"Thank you so much for helping me fall in love with Uganda!"
4-day Gorilla Trek participant from East African Playgrounds, August 2015

"My wife and I (32 and 40) spent two great weeks in Uganda in late July/early August. We did everything you might expect but the best thing was probably the 4-days trek that we did from Lake Bunyonyi to Nshongi (next to Bwindi). The first day was easy: some canoe, a few nice visits to schools etc, not so much walking, sleeping on an island in the middle of Lake Bunyonyi. Day 2 was absolutely great but tough: lot of walking (7h +), pretty steep track, but incredible views and experience. Day 3 was still long but easier (and fun!), Day 4 was great again, and we finally got to Bwindi. There's basically no electricity and running water for the whole trip (actually you get electricity on Day 3) and the accommodation is basic (tents), so be prepared. And travel as light as you can! (I suggest you hire a porter for Day 2 at least - we did not have one and honestly it would have made our experience much easier!) That said, it's been an unforgettable experience that allowed used to see a lot more about Uganda: the region is a marvel, probably the most beautiful in the country. The trip was very well organized, our guide Enoch was super, but please be prepared: you have to be reasonably fit!"
Stefano Barazzetta, Italy; did the 4-day Gorilla Trek

"I love the bright blue Ugandan sky theme of Edirisa, the creativity behind the Gorilla Highlands project. I love the attention to detail everywhere."
How many islands before breakfast?, Diary of a Muzungu, July 2015

"Incredible add-ons to the typical gorilla safaris."
Africa’s Most Hidden Gem, Outside Online, May 2015

"We ended our adventure in Uganda by doing a three day, two night canoe and trek on Lake Bunyonyi. Our trek was led by a superb tour guide named Owen who captured all our hearts."
Canoe Trek, Grey G., USA; trekked in September 2014

"It was amazing!!! We really enjoyed it so much! The beautiful views, the people we met, the guides, the canoeing and more… It was all very nice and an experience which we will not forget soon!"
Sangita, The Netherlands; did the 5-day Kabale-Buhoma trek in April-May 2014

"I think that might just be my favorite trip I've been on, which is saying something. I've been to Africa four times, but I think it was the mix of activities and spending so much time with locals. From our reception in Rwanda to our exit of Uganda, everything went very smooth."
Shawn, USA; did Batwa Today and the 3-day canoe trek in April 2014

"Edirisa ('window' in the local Rukiga language) is a nonprofit organization that has been running culturally sensitive trips in Uganda since 2005. Its flagship tour is a three-day 'canoe-trek', a self-propelled cruise between several of Lake Bunyonyi's 29 islands, interspersed with walks through rural villages and overnight camping stays with local families."
Canoeing on Lake Bunyonyi in Uganda, the Wall Street Journal, 3 January 2014

"These guys don't talk much about sustainable or ecotourism, they just do it!"
Sibegados, Belgium; Thorn Tree Forum post; did an extended 5-day Kabale-Buhoma trek in July 2013

"Thank you very much for organising the walk between Kabale and Kisoro. It was incredible and definitely exceeded our expectations. Not for the unfit people bit we absolutely loved it. The scenery is stunning and Martin was a fantastic guide, so knowledgeable on the area and plant and bird life. Both places we stayed were excellent and the food on the trip was great."
Claire and Phil, Australia; trekked in April 2013

"A canoe trek ... is the ultimate way to get beyond the lakeside lodges."
Adventure holidays in Africa's Great Rift Valley, the Guardian, 19 April 2013

"We absolutely loved the 5-hour trek + Tom's Island Homestay and will treasure it forever (sounds cheesy, but it's true)."
Laura and the family, USA; trekked in April 2013

the photo by Georg Schaumberger and audio impressions recorded by Teresa Peintinger, Austria; trekked in 2012

"The best way to get intimate with Bunyonyi is by canoeing its peaceful waters. Excellent tours, offered by the Home of Edirisa in Kabale, range from five hours to its flagship three-day tours. The longer tours have the benefit of allowing you to get a very up-close look at local life with village homestays and visits to the Twa (Batwa)."
East Africa Travel Guide, Lonely Planet, 2012

"The day long hike was physically difficult but the views were incredible and interacting with the locals was a valuable experience."
Brodie, USA; trekked in 2012

"In July 2011 I did a 6-week trip with my two children (15, 8) through Uganda. I came across The Home of Edirisa and Canoe Trekking and decided to sign us in for this trip. I was an incredible experience for all of us! The kids loved the paddling over the lake, being in touch with a local Ugandan family at our overnight place and also the hiking was great fun for them. We especially enjoyed walking with the Batwa Pygmies, their dancing and singing. At the end of our 2-day Lake Bunyonyi experience was a beautiful dinner at Nature's Prime Island and an adventurous little crossing over to the main peer as lightening made the lake spectacularly beautiful. I can advise everybody with children to make this outstanding trip a part of your Uganda itinerary. The Edirisa Team was super-helpful, fun to be with and at all times safe. My boys were provided with life jackets and when they needed a rest from paddling the chief paddler would take over and do the job by himself. All in all we had a superb time and felt that we were part of a very special experience that both me and the children enjoyed tremendously."
Gabi, Anis & Yassin, Austria/Egypt; trekked in 2011

"Ugandan national parks are amazing, but for me personally the Bunyonyi-Kisoro hike remains my favourite. This trail leads you to places most tourist never go. Echuya forest was so magical with a special light and quietness. I will never forget the view that opened below us when we got out of the forest: it was one of the Rwandan green valleys lit with descending sun. The ridge-way from there down is so off-the-beaten-track that you can see Virunga volcanoes from a totally new perspective; see all the stars you never thought they existed and meet local people who wonder what on earth are these tourists doing here. Yes, beside nature, it's the people that make this journey so special. They opened their houses for us, cooked proper local dinner and told us stories. At that time, I was getting disappointed with local men, since I'd seen too many women working hard and too many men lying around. But during that trail this stereotype was challenged when we pitched our tents in a courtyard of a tailor's house. He was working late at night and his machines were roaring early in the morning when we had breakfast amid the fabrics and cloths hanging from the roof. Just thinking about this makes me want to do it all over again and again."
Simona, Slovenia; trekked in 2005

FOR MORE INFO PLEASE CONTINUE TO THE CURRENT PRESENTATION OF OUR TOURS ON THE GORILLA HIGHLANDS WEBSITE. (Gorilla Highlands is an Edirisa initiative that has become its own entity and covers three countries.)

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Press & Testimonials

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