Edirisa Canoe Trekking
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Edirisa Canoe Trekking organises hiking in southwestern Uganda as far away from touristy areas as humanly possible, providing travellers with a striking blend of culture, serenity and action. We have been running canoe treks around Lake Bunyonyi since 2005, and in 2012 we expanded our reach to Kisoro and Bwindi. That was the start of Gorilla Highlands Trails.

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The 5-hour Lake Bunyonyi trek (from USD 35) leads you to the peaks of the Kyabahinga peninsula for breathtaking views, a nursery, a herbalist, a Rasta investor and a craftmaker.

The 1-night Tom's Homestay (USD 55pp) is a community overnight on a remote island.

The 1-day Kabale-Bunyonyi trek (from USD 50) offers a picturesque walk between the town and the lake, a visit to a herbalist, a Rastafarian thinker and a craftmaker.

The 1-day canoe trek (from USD 80) adds a visit to two special islands to the 5-hour Lake Bunyonyi program.

The 2-day Bunyonyi-Mutanda trek (from USD 125) may well be the most pleasant multi-day trip, taking you through the remotest, least spoiled areas.

During the 2-day canoe trek (from USD 140) you get to know all major islands, climb Karembe Hill, stay with a local family and meet Batwa "Pygmies".

The 3-day canoe trek (from USD 185) adds Tom's Homestay and a relaxed morning with a craftmaker to the 2-day program.

The 3-day Kabale-Kisoro trek (from USD 230) takes you across Bunyonyi to the volcanoes (or the other way around, if you are in Kisoro). It includes a herbalist, a Rastafarian role model, a craftmaker, a night at Tom's Homestay, a crossing of Echuya Forest and the WWI history of Lake Chahafi.

The 5-day Kabale-Buhoma trek (from USD 380) adds gorgeous Lake Mutanda and Bwindi National Park for a total experience.

Please click on the image for a summary of the 5-day Kabale-Buhoma trek while the details can be found here.

Accommodation is tented and food is a mixture of traditional meals, fruits, picnic luxury and restaurant cuisine - more on this topic on the trip advice page.

Our prices include everything - transport (where applicable), accommodation, guides, all activities, food and drinks, free nights in the dorm at The Home of Edirisa (other accommodation options available) and a tour of the cultural museum there.

We depart daily from The Home. Booking is essential (+256 75 2558 222; home@edirisa.org). A prior check of our list of upcoming treks may help you get a better price.

Please download the Edirisa Canoe Trekking Info Folder (34 pages; 6.8 MB).

photo: Alenka Cebular, Blasio Byekwaso, Miha Logar, David Povolny, Igor Rolich and Edirisa archives

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1-day Kabale-Bunyonyi | 1-day canoe trek | 2-day Bunyonyi-Mutanda | 2-day canoe trek | 3-day canoe trek | 3-day Kabale-Kisoro | 5-day Kabale-Buhoma

To learn more about the trekking area, please download the free Gorilla Highlands Pocket Guide and get yourself a copy of the award-winning Gorilla Highlands Interactive eBook.


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  2-day canoe trek
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  3-day Kabale-Kisoro
  5-day Kabale-Buhoma
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