Edirisa Canoe Trekking
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Program & Price

This is our suggested Batwa Today/Batwa Kids program. The timing can be adjusted to your preferences:

9am: Departure from Kabale or Lake Bunyonyi; our team can meet you at any place of your choice (or at Muko itself - see below). Using the scenic road around Bunyonyi we will make it to the northern part of the lake where there is the only river outflow.

10am: Arrival to Muko Campsite for a cup of coffee. Meeting Batwa “Pygmies” can be a challenging experience for a visitor due to their abject poverty, so we will spend some time here preparing you for that and explaining the background story.

11am: Start of a Kanusu-led forest walk in Echuya Forest Reserve, explaining Batwa’s history and present in the forest, the flora and fauna of Echuya. There are two options:
- the longer 1.5-2 hour trail that is not demanding and therefore recommended for anyone; it takes you to the place where Batwa used to slaughter the animals they hunted;
- the shorter 30-45 minute trail that is meant for visitors who have trouble walking.

The trails are circular and return to the starting point. A big group can be divided into two subgroups and people doing the short trail can wait at the bar, chat with locals and hear some stories.

Batwa Kids ends with a picnic lunch in Echuya Forest, followed by a limbo dance competition near the car parking place and departure by 1:30pm. Unaccompanied children do not visit the local bar and the Batwa community and there is no official evaluation/debriefing for them - we count on parents/guardians to help with that.

For the last part of the Batwa Today program please see below...

12:30pm: Local bar moment; the young owner will host us in his little place full of interesting technologies: a car battery-powered radio, music on flash cards, and a table that keeps bottles from falling down.

1pm: A walk through the picturesque Rwamahano Batwa settlement, ending with a chat with Kanusu’s people; we expect our visitors to first tell Batwa about themselves and why they came to Rwamahano. The exchange finishes with bows and arrows, dancing and singing.

2pm: Departure from Rwamahano; we can go to a place of your choice for evaluation and debriefing - we would wish to listen to your impressions.

  • five people or more: USD 30 per person
  • four people: USD 35 pp
  • three people: USD 45 pp
  • two people: USD 60 pp
  • one person: USD 95

    Includes everything during the trip: guiding, activities, a cup of coffee/tea at Muko Campsite, a snack at the local bar, a contribution to the Batwa community. It does not include transport to Echuya Forest.

  • five kids or more: USD 40 per person
  • four people: USD 50 pp
  • three people: USD 60 pp
  • two people: USD 80 pp
  • one person: USD 120

    One parent/guardian can join for free (but that is not necessary at all, the kids are in safe hands).

    Includes everything during the trip: a traditional bow with arrows, guiding, a cup of tea at Muko Campsite, picnic lunch in Echuya Forest and a contribution to the Batwa community. It does not include transport to Echuya Forest.

    To find trip companions consult our list of upcoming treks.

The charges above assume you have your own vehicle. If not, we can help you (and our guide) get there and back by:
- hired car from Kabale/Bunyonyi: add USD 60 per vehicle
- public means from Kabale/Kisoro + motorcycle: add USD 15 pp

What to pack: We propose closed shoes and long trousers - not necessary but more comfortable in the forest. Pack some water please.

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To book or get more information please write to info@edirisa.org or call/WhatsApp +256 782 779 599.

Photo: Marcus Westberg

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