Edirisa Canoe Trekking
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Islands of Miracles

  • spectacular views and island stories
  • nursery school fun
  • experience with a traditional healer
  • session with a craftmaker
  • delicious lunch with a local family
  • Akampene or Punishment Island
  • Bwama Island and a former leper colony
  • walking safari on Kyahugye Island
  • hearty final meal at The Heart of Edirisa

  • length: 1 day; difficulty: 2
  • area: Lake Bunyonyi east coast + major islands
  • departures: daily at 9am

  • five people or more: USD 90 per person
  • four people: USD 105 pp
  • three people: USD 125 pp
  • two people: USD 165 pp
  • one person: USD 250

    Includes everything during the day (guiding, three meals, water, juice and all activities and contributions) and 2 nights at Edirisa at Bunyonyi.

    To find trip companions consult our list of upcoming treks.


You will get your breakfast at The Heart of Edirisa and then canoe across the bay to the terraced hillsides of the Kyabahinga peninsula. There, when school is in session, we will be treated to a super-cute singing and dancing presentation by the pupils of Edirisa Nursery School.

At a trading centre above the school we will be invited to a cup of the local brew, obushera. It will be ... unforgettable.

As we climb the slopes of Kyabahinga (ascent of about 30 minutes), you will encounter all kinds of plants and hear about key points of the area's amazing past and present.

At the top of the hill Omugurusi Jeremiah, a traditional healer, will be waiting for us at 11am. He is a well-known herbalist who will share with us some carefully chosen secrets of tropical highland flora.

We will then pay a visit to Ianick Mugasa, a son of the soil who returned from Europe to establish the Africa Explorer Cultural Village some 2300 metres above sea level. Over a drink, Ianick can tell us many stories about the Bakiga, their traditional beliefs, Rastafarianism and much more.

Ianick's place will have presented us some spectacular vistas - but we will look for more. Kyabahinga is uniquely located to give us an outlook over most of Lake Bunyonyi, its 29 islands and the distant Muhavura volcano. We will hear some of the colourful tales, legends and historical facts related to these islands.

At about 1pm we will enjoy a local meal. Mrs Anna will have prepared lunch for her family - and you. Beans, sweet and Irish potatoes, ground nuts and dodo (local spinach) will make for a filling experience. But Anna is more than just a good cook; she she is a master of crafts. She will show us how local crafts are hand produced, and give you ample opportunity to make some for yourselves. And, no, this is not for ladies only! Gentlemen can attempt a banana leaf elephant or a photo frame, for example.

By now you will have had your dose of tremendous views and we feel ready for a couple of islands. We will descend to the lake at 2:30pm and enter the dugouts. Our destination: Akampene or Punishment Island with its incredible story - pregnant unmarried girls used to be left here to die. After that another bit of Lake Bunyonyi's history will be revealed to us: Bwama Island, a former leper colony. It is now an impoverished boarding secondary school that we love to support. The island also hosts a regional medical centre often run by Slovenian medical students and doctors.

On the way to the mainland we can check on Lake Bunyonyi Eco Resort, Kyahugye Island, provided you haven't seen enough impalas, water bucks or zebras elsewhere in East Africa... Yes, you have read it right - there are unexpected animals on this island!

At 6pm a hearty buffet dinner will be served at The Heart of Edirisa, including the lake specialty, crayfish. If you are returning to Kabale Town, the car will be ready at about 7pm. If you, however, desire to spend more time with the lake people and see a special island, we suggest considering Tom's Homestay.

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To book a trek or get more information please write to info@edirisa.org or call/WhatsApp +256 782 779 599.

Photo: Ash Dumford, Brian Ashby, Marcus Westberg, Miha Logar, Philippe Vandorpe

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