Edirisa Canoe Trekking
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Mother of All Treks

  • meals & camping at the family of Mama Bena
  • Bushara Island's flora and fauna
  • visit to Bwama Island, a former leper colony
  • Punishment Island
  • fruit lunch at Dr Sharp's island
  • Batwa "Pygmies" on Rwanda border
  • mountain peak picnic with volcano views
  • exceptional Buhinga cultural dancers
  • walk-in craft shop opened just for you
  • camping & cultural program at Tom’s Homestay
  • Upside Down Island
  • craft making with Mrs Anna
  • hearty final meal at The Heart of Edirisa

  • length: 3 days; difficulty: 3
  • area: Lake Bunyonyi west coast + east coast + major islands
  • departures: daily at 9am

  • five people or more: USD 230 per person
  • four people: USD 270 pp
  • three people: USD 320 pp
  • two people: USD 410 pp
  • one person: USD 690

    Includes everything during the three days (tented accommodation, guiding, meals, water, juice and all activities and contributions) and 2 nights at Edirisa at Bunyonyi.

    To find trip companions consult our list of upcoming treks.



We will sleep at The Heart of Edirisa at Lake Bunyonyi. At 10 in the morning, following a hearty breakfast, the paddling will begin. Our first stop is Bushara, an island campsite where a glass of passion fruit juice will pleasantly refresh us.

After a half-hour walk through a forest full of birds, we will move to Bwama Island, a former leper colony.

Next we will canoe past Punishment Island, an islet where pregnant unmarried girls used to be left to die, to the slightly bigger Sharp's island.

Dr Sharp was a British missionary doctor, the founder of the leper colony. His beautiful island home is now a lodge - the site for our light, fruit-based lunch.

A couple of hours in the dugouts will bring us to our Day 1 destination. Opposite Kyevu market lives Mama Bena's friendly family who will receive us at 5pm. They happily allow us to pitch our tents close to their fantastic grass-thatched home, and treat us to some excellent local food.

We will climb to the top of their peninsula, to see one of the humblest primary schools of the Bunyonyi area that enjoys a priceless view.


After breakfast at 7:30am we will cross to Kyevu. We will bid a temporary farewell to our canoe boys (and most of our luggage) and embark on a day of trekking. The first hour will be spent walking alongside a pretty and extensive swamp. We will meet the Batwa ('Pygmies') who will show us some traditional dances and teach us how to use the bow and arrow.

Some metres before the Rwandan border we will find a steep slope that rises into Karembe Hill (2,478 metres). We will need approximately one hour to deal with the most challenging part. Afterwards the climb is much more gentle and enjoyable - in 30 minutes we will reach the top and have a lavish picnic there, enjoying the view of Muhavura, a volcano shared by Rwanda and Uganda.

Next on our program is a gradual descent, taking three to four hours.

We will be entertained by a top-quality performance of Bakiga dances and encounter a makeshift craft shop that local women open just for us.

Our dugouts will be waiting at the Bufundi peninsula and the ride to Habukomi Island and Tom's Homestay will be just some minutes long. A late evening swim will cool down our bodies, a night meal with a local family will pacify our stomachs. And then ... a campfire with a chat about traditional beliefs (ghosts included)!


After breakfast we will take a walk to the top of Habukomi, the Bunyonyi pelican hideaway, and hear about the island's history.

A canoe route close to Upside Down Island will be a good excuse to hear its witchcraft legend.

The rest of the morning will be spent at Kyabahinga peninsula, where Mrs Anna will teach us how to make local crafts. By lunch time we will be at The Heart of Edirisa for a tasty buffet lunch.

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To book a trek or get more information please write to info@edirisa.org or call/WhatsApp +256 782 779 599.

Photo: Brian Ashby, Georg Schaumberger, Hannah Wright, Julie Roberts, Marcus Westberg, Miha Logar & Edirisa archives

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