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Short-term volunteering in Edirisa
For people who would like to experience Uganda, help Edirisa and receive assistance in making their stay more enjoyable. The minimum stay is 9 days - one week plus a two-day orientation.

Where could I volunteer?
At The Heart of Edirisa, The Gardens of Edirisa or Teach Inn Uganda, doing the following activities: education, crafts or multimedia.

Who would I work under?
The manager of the specific location or an activity coordinator (can be a local or international person)

How do I apply?
Download the following information documents:
Why Edirisa?
Edirisa short term volunteer information
How does Edirisa work?
Lake Bunyonyi & Kabale in your pocket (optional)
Edirisa Intermediate Plan - September 2009 revision (optional)

Read them thoroughly and fill out the on-line application (below).

If you are applying for education volunteering we will get back to you within a week of your application, letting you know whether you have been accepted. If you are already in East Africa and in a hurry, call +256 75 2558 084 after you submit the form.
If you are applying for another of our activities and we have room for you, we will pass you on to Edirisa's nearest country representative. In case of any further questions or concerns, please write to volunteer@edirisa.org.

Due to the nature of the work we do, all applicants have to submit a criminal record check before they are accepted. If you are a traveller and did not arrange for this before your departure, do not despair: you will be interviewed to ascertain if you are suitable to volunteer with us (we do not recommend this option - a prior application is advisable as we are often full).

What is expected of me?
That you are committed to helping us for about eight hours per day, six days a week.

When can I start?
Any time, although short term volunteers should aim to arrive on the first or third Monday of the month. Doing so will mean that you target our scheduled orientation days (see below) which will also decrease the cost. If you want to volunteer in education, school term dates will certainly be put into consideration.

What is the cost?
1. All volunteers pay Edirisa 50 euros as a one-off administration fee.

2. 2-day orientation: 40 euros if done during Edirisa's scheduled orientation days (Wednesdays); 60 euros if done on other days.
This is a compulsory, useful and attractive activity that will introduce you to your location. It covers culture, the basics of the local language and sight seeing around Kabale and Lake Bunyonyi or Nkozi and Lake Victoria (depending on where you will be located). It includes accommodation, meals, transport and all fees.

In addition to 2-day orientation many short term volunteers are interested in our Lake Mburo National Park trip (orientation included) and canoe trekking.

3. daily contribution:
- At The Gardens of Edirisa you pay 4 euros/day
- At The Heart of Edirisa (Lake Bunyonyi) you pay 4 euros/day
- At Teach Inn Uganda you pay 7 euros/day

At all locations you will have to cater for yourselves, buying food and then cooking in a volunteer kitchen. Expect to spend up to 60 euros a month for food, basic drinks and gas.

Right after orientation you need to confirm your intended stay and pay 50% of your total of daily contributions (the other 50% is to be paid half-way through your volunteering).

The prices are stated in euros only for orientation purposes - we prefer receiving Ugandan shillings (and can help you with exchange).

Why do we charge?
Years of experience have taught us that only a well-prepared and assisted volunteer can be a happy volunteer. Preparations take quite some time and resources, and they are done without any guarantee that the volunteer will be productive or stay with us for the agreed period of time.
The per-day charge helps us maintain and improve accommodation; any profits go into Edirisa's development activities.
If you don't have this money but have the skills that we need, you can try to apply as a specialist.

Would you be interested in paying more and getting more?
Short-term education volunteering within Edirisa is also offered by i-to-i, a British company. They will charge you more and include: additional information, airport pickup, organised travel to Kabale, orientation, transport to your place of volunteering, the services of an i-to-i country coordinator and the peace of mind for your family because you are volunteering through an established organisation. For more, please check i-to-i's placement websites for The Heart and Teach Inn.

Application Form

Experience and skills

Personal background

Expectations and motivation


Organisation & ideology
Name & logo
Edirisa on Lake Bunyonyi

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